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Extreme Group

Housed within the 200+ year old Halifax Brewery Market complex, the Extreme Communications office sports clean lines and surfaces that contrast with the rough exposed brick of the original building. Paying homage to Maritime roots, the mail room’s mail slots were designed as ship portholes. Designed by award winning Breakhouse Design, the unusual millwork vision were right up our alley. The reception desk is designed to extend over 20 feet with only two support points to give the appearance of a floating desk; one point at the wall and one at the end using a tangle of metal rod legs. The desk was built on an aluminum beam frame clad with Baltic birch panels. The panel material is a multilayered birch plywood and the edges can be sanded and finished to produce a smooth layered edge. Several of the cabinetry components were built using Baltic Birch which was then clad on some of the outside surfaces with a gloss blue laminate.

This office also features magnetic writable wall surfaces in the form of white board laminate panels, some of which are accented with gloss burnt orange and black laminate using a grid panel pattern on the wall installations. In other cases, whiteboard laminate was glued to sheet metal panels and hung on wall mounted horizontal frames with welded hangers. The resulting panels could be written on using dry erase markers and magnetized accessories could be placed anywhere on the metal backed sheets.

Client: rcs construction Inc.
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Consultant: Breakhouse Design
Completion Date: 2006
Value: $70,000